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Glass Blowers - Eugene, OR

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Though rolling cannabis into joints remains the first choice method for many for ingesting cannabis due to its simplicity and portability, glass bongs are an exceptionally important part of the market as well. At New Millennium we love to support our local artists and crafts people, like glass blowers for example. Many of our pieces that are available in our shop are produced locally, right here in Eugene as well as its surrounding areas.

Whether the preferred hardware is a pipe, a full-blown bong, or anything in between, glass most definitely is an important part of the market, for both hard core and the occasional recreational consumer. That, combined with the opportunity for artistically inclined users and growers to express themselves means that glass will always hold a special place in people’s hearts, the more elaborate, an that goes for both regular and occasional consumers alike.

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  • Recreational Marijuana
  • Medical Marijuana
  • Bongs
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